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Home of Jesus the King Church



Home of Jesus the King Church was established in the 20th of September 2009 from a prayer meeting started by Pastor Saleem Shalash and his wife Nisreen and some lovely brothers and there were seven people and our goal from the meeting was to be a gospel center for the neighbourhood that we live in.

However, since God’s plan is different from our plan and his ways is different from our ways so God blessed the meeting and the people that come to the meeting increased to 20 people so the house became cramped.

Then God gave us a vision to rent a house, next to our house to be a place for prayer because the number of people increased and in that house (that we rent) we spent two years with faith.

Not knowing how could we pay the rent price but the lord is trustworthy he predominated the need, and blessed the number of the people and became between 50-70 people and the place became cramped so we needed a bigger place.

In addition, the lord gave a vision about a new place through pastor Saleem’s wife .and showed us the new place that was a carpentry and a carpenter works in it and it wasn’t ready at all to become a church .and it was missing a lot of things like:

The toilets, slabbing, stairs to the Sunday school, painting the place and opening a new door to the place and it was challenge for the church .

However, God blessed the work for the whole two months, we worked together like one family, the lord gave us a new place to worship him, and it is the current church that we do our meetings in it.

In addition, it expands to 107 people, and it has a second floor for Sunday school and we thank the lord for this new place but today the church reached its members 105 members praying that the lord give us a new place that we could own it.

Because today we pay 1200 dollars per month. For the rent price and it’s a big amount of money for the church.

with the same price we could get a loan and buy with it our own church with the same price of the monthly payment but after 10-15 years the new place will be for the church so we pray that the lord accomplish for us this vision.

The vision of the church:


The vision of Home of Jesus the King Church is what makes God satisfied. And done his well and we are in Nazareth (look at the article about Nazareth) and it’s the city where Jesus lived and grew, and there is a lot of places that remind us of Jesus the lord like, the house that he lived in it ,and the place that prayed in it (synagogue). In the city of Nazareth there is a lot of challenges the number Christians are decreasing every year for some reasons and we are there the church to announce about the lord Jesus Christ and that he had a house in Nazareth and he will stay today tomorrow and until he comes back. In addition, this is why we called our church “Home of Jesus the King Church”. Although of all the challenges, we will stay and announce that Nazareth is for Jesus so he has called “Nazarene”.

Also to fulfil God plan that he mentioned in romans 11.

The gentiles will be light for the Jews and we want to be part of his plan and to share the gospel to the Jews through our projects showing the love of our lord Jesus Christ and not just for the Jewish people but also to all the people that live in Israel.

Goal of the church:
The church is not only a place for praying and worshipping but it’s a school that graduate servants and send them to share the message of salvation to the world so anyone who comes to the church has to discover the talent that god gave him to use it for his glory. In the church, we teach, train, establish, encourage and build people up for the service. And reach to the world with the salvation message and serving the community and helping the poor needy and praying for them and we believe that the church is to share the gospel, holy and do the purpose of God and it doesn’t only stay in a fish aquarium and enjoying these few fish and the sea is full of fish that need to be caught to the Christ we want to go out to the world and search for all those lose to come back to the Christ and share the gospel not only the Arab people but also the Jews because we are here in Israel gives us a chance to share the gospel to everyone who lives in the country Arab or Jews. And this is what the message of Romans asks us to do in chapter 11 that the Jews was a light for the nations and today the nations are the light for the Jews. So let us do the plan of God with the bible.

Dates of the church meetings:
The main meeting every Saturday from 6:30PM until 8:00PM the meeting of worshipping and the word of God.

Meeting of bible study and praying and worshipping every Wednesday from 6:30PM until 8:00PM and its alternate a week we do a bible study and a week we do praying and worshipping.

The women meeting every first week of the month at Thursday at 10:30AM.

Theology study on Friday from 5:00PM until 7:00PM (BA).

Visiting houses:
The pastor Saleem goes and visit the families of the church and newly created families daily and it could be two or three visits per day and this service is called “the church that is in your house” that the church make a lot of fruits with it.

Conference of the church:
The church makes a conference yearly outside of the church for 3 days the church gather in a hotel and the members study the word of God, worshipping, spiritual relationship like one family in Jesus Christ. And the church help the families by paying half of what it costs so they could come to the conference. Every year there are around 100 people that come to this conference and everyone get blessed by the blessing of Jesus.