This past week we had a truly amazing opportunity to shine the light of Jesus, and to build new bridges of friendship between Israeli Arabs and Jews. We got to visit a Jewish boarding school  in the town of Tevon, at which both Jewish and Arab students are enrolled, and to distribute Hanukkah gift hampers to the kids.

This project was initiated by one of our very own young people at HomeJTK , named Bishar, who is a student at this school. It was such a wonderful idea of his for HomeJTK to be a blessing to the pupils at this school during  Hanukkah, and to shine the light of Jesus. When it was time for the actual distribution, Bishar took the lead and started handing out the packets, containing chocolate packs, treats, and toys. He was a shining example of what God is accomplishing in preparing a new generation that is willing to work together for Israel’s future.

It’s so important for Israel’s future that Jews and Arabs can live peaceably together, can study together, can grow up together, and be a blessing to each other. It is a picture of the future we’re praying for, for peace and co-existence in Israel, where the Gospel has the opportunity to spread like wild fire, and to prepare the Land for the return of Jesus.

We are planning to conduct more projects like these, to foster healthy relationships between Arab and Jewish youngsters, and to function as bridge builders and peacemakers in Israel, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God.

Please prayerfully consider standing with us in this project, and future expansions of it, by partnering with us at . Also please keep praying for us as we build out God’s kingdom here in Israel, and as we lift up His name for all of Israel to see. Thank you and God bless!