The robber when he comes to rob he turns off the lights first.
Also the devil turns off the spirit first then he robs all the virtues inside then he wants to execute your faith in God so you can doubt everything.
After that he wants to kill you.
So beware of turning off the spirits inside with gossip and sin.

Beware of turning off the spirit off the spirit of God and staying away from your brothers in the church.

Beware of turning off the spirit with the lusts of the world.
The devil will make you feel safe when you move away from the lord and will open the doors of lust for you to enjoy not realizing that he is only filling you up to slaughter you.
But in this morning children of Home of Jesus The King Church will ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit so he can be light for them and around them.

Lord we pray for every sick, injured, weak or needy person to find healing comfort and blessing
Home of Jesus The King Church

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