We’re back to our women’s meetings at Home of Jesus the King Church! This past week our ladies returned in full force for an impacting meeting led by Nisreen Shalash. We had 16 ladies in total which was a great turnout, and we’re standing in faith for that number to grow.

Nisreen led the ladies in prayer at the onset of the meetings, after which there was a time of praise and worship, lifting up the Lord’s name, as seen in the video below. The Lord’s presence was felt by all, and hearts were changed in the midst of the praise.

Nisreen taught the ladies on how we are to control our anger according to the word of God, and to always walk in a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. The session was interactive, with the ladies able to ask questions and offer feedback during their time together. Nisreen took the ladies on a journey through many passages relating to controlling your emotions, after which there was a time for sharing.

The meeting was a wonderful success and a fine start to a new season of regular women’s meetings at Home of Jesus the King Church. As is tradition, the ladies shared a lovely breakfast after the meeting, and enjoyed each other’s company and fellowship. Praise the Lord!