During this time of war in Israel, it has been an essential focus for the people of Israel, both Jew and Arab alike, to remain in unity for the safety and wellbeing of all. Here at Home of Jesus the king churching Church we have been actively involved in strengthening our relationships with our fellow believers in the land, as well as with Israeli non-profits that are focussed on taking care of families affected and displaced by the war. However, we also shouldn’t forget about the men and women from the IDF who labor day and night to ensure the safety of all of Israel’s citizens, whether they are Jewish or Arab.

Through the support of one of our wonderful partners, we were able to distribute 400 toiletry kits to our soldiers in the field. They don’t always have access to washrooms or bathrooms, and as such need to manage out there in untamed places. These dear ones also need to stay fresh and hygienic, and so our prayer is that these toiletry kits would bless and help them as they serve their country. We also want to demonstrate the love of Jesus to these dear soldiers, through our actions and our words, and also share with them about the love of Christians for Israel. Jesus went about doing good, and didn’t discriminate between Jew and Gentile, but helped them both.

We are honored here at Home of Jesus the King Church to be your hands in the land of Israel, and to bring the love and compassion of Jesus to the people. Your support and prayers are so important and are making a very real impact on the lives of Israelis from all walks of life. Together we are building bridges of friendship and reconciliation, and acting as peacemakers in the name of Jesus. Amen!