There’s a place where kindness reaches when nothing else does. It’s about seeing a need and fulfilling it. You become an answer to someone’s prayer when you are led by kindness. 

We knew that in the wintertime many hospitals lack sufficient comforters and warm blankets for all their patients. So we took it on ourselves to bring some warmth and bless the patients in hospitals across Nazareth. 

After distributing over 200 sets of warm winter blankets to extremely thankful patients and hospital personnel, we saw a wonderful opportunity to also bring some warmth to people’s hearts by bringing the word of God to them. 

We were allowed to put some Christian literature, as well as our brochures in these hospitals, spreading the knowledge of God in places where people desperately need Him. 

One of these hospitals is a very old facility that doesn’t even have wifi, so patients spend their time reading any available literature. 

Now they will be blessed with books we left for them, as well as perfectly curated brochures that guide people how to receive Jesus. 

This winter we wanted to bring warmth to people, from the inside out. Thanks to your ongoing generosity and support we are making it happen in Yeshua’s home town of Nazareth.