Our work in Haifa in preaching the Gospel and providing aid to the poor and needy is steadily gaining momentum, with more and more people coming to us for practical help and spiritual support. The humanitarian work we do in Haifa has been an important vehicle for spreading the Gospel to the people in the Arab and Jewish communities, as they get to see the love of Jesus in the way that we help them, pray with them, and encourage them through the Word of God.

Despite the fact that our beginnings in Haifa have been small, still we believe that the Lord will bless the work of our hands and that our efforts will bear much fruit unto salvation and deliverance. “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” – Job 7:8

We would love for you to participate in our efforts in establishing God’s work in Haifa, in repairing bridges and facilitating reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, as well as bringing many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To stand with us towards our Haifa initiatives, please visit our donate page below to sow your seed into Israel. We firmly believe that you will also be blessed in turn, as you bless and speak comfort to the people of Israel (Genesis 12:3). Thank you very much!