God is constantly opening new doors for Home of Jesus the King Church to be a blessing to the Jewish people, through which to reveal the love and Gospel message of Jesus to them. Oftentimes these connections that occur happen spontaneously as divine appointments, as we saw this past week, when one of our church members saw a lady digging in a trash can looking for food.

Ravi was on his way to work last week in the city of Haifa, when he spotted this dear lady going through a bunch of garbage cans in the early morning. He felt the Lord telling him to stop his car and to see if she needed help. He parked his car next to where she was and asked her if she was ok, and if she needed any help. She replied to Ravi that she was very hungry, and that she had no food at home. Ravi picked up that she was a Jewish Israeli who had fallen on hard times.

She told him that she was hoping to find some leftover in the bins that hasn’t gone bad yet. Ravi’s heart went out to her and he got on the phone with Pastor Saleem to see what could be done for this lady. Pastor Saleem was very touched when he heard about this poor lady, and he asked Ravi to go to our Haifa church branch, and to meet with Pastor Saleem’s brother, Elias, who would provide him with a food box to give to the lady. Ravi asked the lady if she could wait, an he immediately drove off to collect the food box for the lady.

After having collected the food box, Ravi returned to the lady and handed her the box. She couldn’t believe her eyes! The fact that an Arab Israeli was going to all this effort to help a Jewish Israeli was something she couldn’t process. She gave Ravi a big hug and cried tears of thankfulness. She asked him the question that most people ask us: “Why?” Ravi shared with her about who we are as a church and as a body of Arab believers, and that the love of Jesus that lives in us compels us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to do good unto others.

She was visibly touched by that and it seemed as if a light went on behind her eyes. Ravi took her contact details and promised to stay in touch, in order for her to receive regular aid from our Haifa branch. With regard to building the Kingdom in Israel, one of the greatest questions we can ask God is what the next step is. There always more that we can do to be a blessing, and we know that if we remain in His hands, that He will use us to be an even greater blessing to the people of Israel.

To see an Arab Israeli blessing a Jewish Israeli, and showing them the love of Jesus is a powerful testimony that changes lives. God has called us to be bridge builders and peace makers as we spread the Good News of the Gospel, and as we lift up the poor and needy. Please join us in this worthy endeavor by praying for us, visiting us to volunteer, and by partnering with our projects financially. Together we can do so much more!