God has Opened a New Door for Us!
We've had quite a year so far! Every month we’ve been able to consistently support 120 Arab and Jewish families in Nazareth with food boxes and day-to-day humanitarian aid. Our humanitarian work, which serves as an effective platform for sharing the love of Jesus, has helped our congregation and humanitarian work grow in more waysMORE
Back in Action with our Women’s Meetings
We’re back to our women’s meetings at Home of Jesus the King Church! This past week our ladies returned in full force for an impacting meeting led by Nisreen Shalash. We had 16 ladies in total which was a great turnout, and we’re standing in faith for that number to grow. Nisreen led the ladiesMORE
Impacting Hearts during the April Holidays
Our focus during this month of April is to be a blessing to the Arabs, Jews, and nominal Christians of Nazareth as they celebrate some of their most important holidays. For the Jews it's Passover, for the Arabs it's Ramadan, and for Christians it's Easter. We will be providing food boxes to the needy fromMORE
Reaching Muslims with the Love of Jesus
Our team at HomeJTK recently came in touch with a couple of new Muslim families whom we are helping with humanitarian aid. Fatima visited us this past week to receive a food box and some clothing for her and her family. As she was waiting for her taxi outside, I took some time to speakMORE
Teaching at the Bible College of Netanya
I was recently invited to lecture at the Bible College of Netanya, founded by the ministry “One for Israel”. The dean of the Bible School asked me to lecture on the topic “Did God Reject His People?”. This was an especially significant topic for me as an Arab Pastor to speak about, especially to anMORE
Terror Attacks in Israel – A Hero from Nazareth
Israel has seen a series of terror attacks of late, which has been devastating and heart-breaking for the innocent lives lost, both Arab and Jew. We, here at Home of Jesus the King Church, are part of a movement of believers in Israel who are building bridges between Arab and Jew in Jesus’ name, andMORE
Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Israel today!
Israel is seeing an unprecedented influx of Ukrainian refugees, mainly women and children, as more and more people are fleeing indiscriminate bombing and destruction throughout Ukraine. The men, including the fathers and husbands of these refugees, up until the age of 60 have to remain in Ukraine to help defend the nation as part ofMORE
Lifting Up Jesus at HomeJTK
This past Shabbat we had a powerful service at Home of Jesus the King Church, with anointed praise and worship, an impacting message from the pulpit, and a new family that joined our church! It’s so encouraging to see our people coming out every Shabbat to share in sweet fellowship and to seek the Lord’sMORE
God’s Timing is not our Timing
The Lord is with you in your most difficult of times. Do not give up, because the Lord is watching you and is with you when you endure suffering and tribulations due to difficult circumstances. Stay close to him and know that complaining does not improve the situation, but only makes it worse. Be patientMORE
Coming to the Aid of Ukrainian Refugees in Israel
Our collaboration with the Mayor and with the City Hall of Nof HaGalil touched so many lives from among the 170 Ukrainian refugee families that recently arrived there. Our love and support were all thanks to our partners from across the world, and we made sure to tell each and everyone that Christians from acrossMORE
Visitors at Home of Jesus the King Church
This past weekend we had a wonderful church celebration, with a full house engaging in passionate praise and worship to our Lord, as you can see in the video below. God touched people’s hearts deeply and He spoke to us very clearly through the words of Pastor Nelson, a visiting Pastor from Canada. It’s aMORE
Arabs and Jews Uniting to Help Ukrainian Refugees in Israel
We were contacted by the mayor of Nof HaGalil, Ronen Plot, to ask for our aid in welcoming and aiding Ukrainian refugees arriving this week in Nof Ha-Galil, the neighboring town of Nazareth. They will specifically be in need of toiletries for day-to-day living, as well as baby products. A total of 120 families willMORE
Trying times require a double dose of kindness
There are a lot of challenges that Israel as a nation has had to deal with over the years, whether economically, defensively, or politically, yet it’s important to remember that behind the headlines and the news, there are people, faces, and stories. There are individuals and families whose everyday life is a struggle just toMORE
Cultivating Hope and Mercy in Nazareth
It is such a privilege for us here at Home of Jesus the King Church to be able to reach and help the broken and poor of Nazareth with effective humanitarian aid and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, knowing that we’re doing it hand-in-hand with you. That the Lord would assign believers from allMORE
Haifa Outreach Update!
Our work in building the Kingdom of God among Jewish and Arab Israelis in Haifa is quickly gaining momentum as the Lord is presenting us with more and more opportunities to be a blessing and a helping hand. Just recently we came into contact with a local charitable organization in Haifa that has been doingMORE
Winter Project Update
This past week was such a blessed and fruitful week at Home of Jesus the King Church, and you played a massive part! We were able to roll out our Winter Project in full force. It was such a sight to behold as our team of volunteers jumped into action to begin preparing all theMORE
The Song of Moses – Part 2
Song of Moses - part 2 by pastor Saleem Shalash In the last days, the Gentiles and the Jews will be joined to each other in God, and the Gentiles will be a source of joy to God's people as they reach out to them, the Jewish people, with the Good News of the messageMORE