Commissioned to Minister unto International Leaders
I recently had the privilege of receiving a very special guest from the nation of Serbia. Mr. Nekola Lucas is the mayor of the town of Kikindia in Serbia, and he came to visit us in Nazareth, along with his family. He’s had the dream to be baptized in the Jordan River for many yearsMORE
Proclaiming Christ to the People of Israel this Christmas!
Christmas is right around the corner and we’re super excited about what God has in store for Nazareth! On the 24th of December, we will be participating in the annual Christmas parade that will pass through Nazareth’s downtown area. For this parade me and my team will be handing out more than 3000 gift packsMORE
Netherlands Ministry Trip <br>Are We Fulfilling the Word of God?
This upcoming week I’ll have the wonderful opportunity to minister at various churches in the Netherlands. I will be accompanied by my wonderful wife, Nisreen, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has prepared for us. The Lord has instructed me to share and teach the truth of the situation in Israel, andMORE
Receiving Guests from the Nations at HomeJTK
We are living in a time during which God is opening the doors to Israel for the nations, and as such we are seeing an influx of immigrants, refugees, as well as visitors from the nations to receive guests from the nations like never before. The influx of peoples to Israel from the nations isMORE
Building up the Kingdom of God in Israel this Giving Tuesday!
Today is Giving Tuesday in the United States, and we would like to invite you to use this special opportunity to stand with us in building up the Kingdom of God in Israel through the sharing of the Gospel of Salvation, impacting humanitarian aid projects, and building bridges between Jews and Arabs in Israel! WatchMORE
Blessing the Poor and Spreading the Gospel this Christmas
With Christmas just around the corner, our team is hard at work to prepare and organize everything that is needed to share the Gospel message that Jesus is the Reason for the Season during Christmas! We aim to accomplish this through sharing the Gospel message with our words and actions, demonstrating the love of ChristMORE
We are Living in Historical Days
We are truly living in the days that the prophets from the Bible longed for, as God is fulfilling His plans for mankind's redemption during these last days. The signs are all around us, and we are seeing the Middle East being shaken by the power of God and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.MORE
Feeding the Poor and Needy
Our feeding project is a vital aspect of our ministry that brings relief to 120 struggling families in Nazareth and Haifa. Our food boxes contain more than 30 different non-perishable food staples that go a long way in helping families put food on the table. In addition to the physical need it meets, our feedingMORE
The Tribes Worshipping in the Unity of Christ
Last week we had the privilege of hosting a number of guests from different nations and backgrounds at HomeJTK. There was a group from the Sami people in the northern regions of Norway, as well as visitors from other parts of Europe. We also had both Jewish and Arab believers from Israel in attendance, sharingMORE
Evangelistic Calendar Project
Our evangelistic calendars have been an extremely effective method for reaching the lost here in Nazareth with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Lord has been using these calendars for years as powerful tools of evangelism, as these calendars put the Good News every day in front of people’s eyes, 365 days a year!MORE
Prayer Request: Nazareth’s Safety
The Israeli Police recently uncovered a plot by ISIS operatives in Nazareth to attack a local Islamic school in Nazareth because of their school curriculum. We thank God for the ability and effectiveness of Israel's security forces in protecting the citizens of Israel. Please keep praying with us for the safety of all people inMORE
Suleiman and his Team bless the Jewish People for Rosh Hashana
The Jewish festival of Rosh Hashana (The Jewish New Year) is always a very special time for the Jewish people during which they celebrate the goodness of God and His faithfulness to the people of Israel. It’s also a deeply prophetic celebration pointing to the second coming of Jesus Christ, and the Day of Judgment.MORE
Being Bridge Builders during Rosh Hashana
Our special Rosh Hashana outreach project has kicked off very well with over 230 holiday food boxes being delivered to those in need. It is truly wonderful to behold how God is using Arab believers in Israel, along with believers from the nations, to honor and bless the Jewish people during their celebration of RoshMORE
Rosh Hashana Project Update
We’re so thrilled to announce that we’ve now delivered 60 Rosh Hashana food boxes to Ukrainian refugee families in Nof Hagalil, as well as 50 Rosh Hashana food boxes to the organization “Yad Ezer le Chaver” for distribution to orphan soldiers. The dear refugees were so blessed and happy to receive these food boxes, asMORE
Serai’s Testimony
There were quite a number of unbelievers who had also decided to attend our family conference after having been invited by family members and friends. One of these dear ones was a lady called Serai. Serai had devised to attend as she was genuinely seeking God and seeking for answers, but despite that, she remainedMORE
Salwa’s Testimony
Salwa is a dear lady who has been a member of HomeJTK for a long time already. She is well-loved by everybody and is a pillar in our community. Salwa had been struggling with severe blood pressure issues, but despite that, she persisted in joining us at the conference. During the first night of theMORE