Humanitarian Aid Center Update
More and more families are visiting our humanitarian center on a daily basis to receive aid in the form of food boxes, clothing, toiletries and appliances. God is providing us with many opportunities and giving us keys through which this center is blessing Arabs, Muslim, Christians, and Jews in Nazareth and the north of Israel.MORE
Mount of Prayer Meetings
We recently launched a brand-new prayer initiative called “Mount of Prayer.” At these special prayer meetings we break up into a number of smaller prayer groups, with every prayer group praying over specific prayer requests during which everybody in the small group gets a chance to pray. It’s critically important that everybody gets to prayMORE
Feeding the Poor of Nazareth and Haifa
Our feeding project is a vital aspect of our ministry that brings relief to 120 poverty-stricken families in Nazareth and Haifa. Our food boxes contain more than 30 different non-perishable food staples that go a long way in helping families put food on the table. In addition to the physical need it meets, our feedingMORE
United Kingdom Ministry Trip in pictures
Me and Nisreen’s visit to the United Kingdom was a blessed and joyous experience. We met some amazing people, formed new friendships, and got to enjoy the beauty of the land. Here below I’d like to share some of our moments in the UK with you. Enjoy!MORE
Humanitarian Center Update
Our new humanitarian center has become a hub of activity as people flow in and out on a daily basis to receive aid and spiritual encouragement. Our visitors have come to relish the opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee with us, to share their hearts, and to receive encouragement and prayer fromMORE
Visit to the Mayor of Nof Hagalil
God’s favor has opened many doors for us at Home of Jesus the King Church over the years, and a very strategic relationship that we’ve developed is with Mr. Ronen Plot, the mayor of our neighboring town of Nof Hagalil. Not only have we become good friends and a testimony to the reconciliation that isMORE
Ukrainian Refugee Project
Our Ukrainian refugee project kicked off last week and it was a wonderful success, as tens of Ukrainian refugee families received aid from Home of Jesus the King Church. Israel continues to see a steady influx of refugees from the war-torn country of Ukraine, with people arriving in the hope of a better life andMORE
Shemima’s Story
Here at Home of Jesus the King Church we are continuously looking for ways to have a greater impact on the lives of the poor and needy, and to bring the light and love of Jesus into people’s lives. Shemima is one of those who was in desperate need of a helping hand, and whomMORE
Distribution Center Update
Our team of volunteers is working full steam in preparation for our next delivery of critical and essential food boxes to more than 100 poor and needy families in Nazareth and Haifa. This is the very first time that we are preparing our food boxes in our new distribution center, and it was a blessingMORE
Touching Ukrainian Hearts
This past week we had the tremendous blessing of providing food boxes to more than 60 families of Ukrainian Jewish refugees in our neighboring town of Nof Hagalil, and welcoming them to the land of Israel with open arms. It was a very powerful and eye-opening moment for many as we demonstrated how Arabs andMORE
Preaching the Gospel in the UK!
I was invited by my dear friends at the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem to participate as a key-note speaker at their strategic and timely end-times conference in the United Kingdom in June, which will focus on current events shaking the world, with a special focus on the nation of Israel. The conference is propheticallyMORE
Coming to the Aid of Ukrainian Refugees
This week will be a strategic and important time for Home of Jesus the King Church as we start our weekly food distribution to the Ukrainian refugees of our neighboring town of Nof HaGalil. The Lord has instructed us to become a continuous blessing to these dear people, by providing for their needs however weMORE
Upcoming United Kingdom Conference
During the month of June the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem will hold a very special end-times conference in the United Kingdom with the focus being on Israel, with the conference aptly titled “The Clock is Ticking.” I have the honor of being invited as one of the main speakers at the conference, for whichMORE
HomeJTK New Distribution Center Update!
Great news! We've finally moved into our new distribution center and great things are about to happen. We've already seen the impact that the larger work and storage space has made on the quality and effectiveness of our humanitarian work in Nazareth and the surrounding areas. People have already started coming to our new centerMORE
Thank You for Your Hospitality and Love!
I've just returned to Israel from my ministry trip to Knoxville, Tennessee, and I had an absolutely wonderful and blessed time. I'm so thankful for my dear friends that received me in their homes, for the dear brothers and sisters who I ministered to and who received me at their churches. and for every personMORE
Hosanna! I don’t know Him! He is risen!
Jesus fixed his gaze towards Jerusalem and set out to fulfill God’s purpose for Him. The scene of how Jesus entered Jerusalem and the joy of the people reminds me of how He had entered our hearts when we got saved, and our joy at his presence in our lives! We wept tears of joyMORE
Ukrainian Refugee Project
In just two weeks we will be conducting an extensive project for Ukrainian refugees in the town of Nof Hagalil. We will be collaborating with a Messianic Jewish congregation in the area, being a blessing as One New Man in Christ! Our goal is to distribute food boxes and toiletries to more than 170 familiesMORE
Can Arabs and Jews live together in peace in the land of Israel?
This is a weighty and critical question that people from all over the world are constantly asking. I’ve always believed that a picture is worth a million words. Here in the photo below is my son, Suleiman, pictured along with his best friend, Sammy, who is an Israeli Jew. Suleiman and Sammy have been livingMORE