Ragi’s Testimony
Recently a young man from Nazareth, called Ragi, got in touch with me. He asked if he could have a few minutes of my time, and I told him that I would love to take some time to talk with him. I could hear in his voice that he was not in a good place,MORE
Shavuot/Pentecost Humanitarian Project
A major part of the reconciliation and friendship that we as Arab believers have been building with Israel’s Jewish communities have been through our humanitarian projects aimed at blessing them with essential humanitarian aid. During this time of Shavuot and Pentecost we want to shine the love of Jesus among our Jewish neighbors by blessingMORE
Humanitarian Center – Back in Action!
After a wonderfully blessed time of ministry in the United States, me and my team here in Nazareth are back in action to bless the poor and to preach the Gospel to the people of Nazareth! We started our week with a bang by welcoming those in need from among Nazareth’s Muslim and nominal ChristianMORE
Time for Harvest <br>Pentecost/Shavuot Humanitarian Outreach
The Biblical feast of Shavuot is known as the Day of Pentecost, the Festival of Harvest (Firstfruits), as well as the Festival of Weeks. This important feast commemorates 7 weeks (or 50 days exactly) from Passover, which is why it is called Pentecost ("Fiftieth day" in Greek), and it is to celebrate the firstfruits ofMORE
Fruits from our Humanitarian Center <br>Amira’s Testimony
Amira is a dear lady who has been visiting our humanitarian center for the past two years to receive monthly aid in the form of food, appliances, and clothing for her and her family. She would often just sit with us and chat, and we would pray with her and share the Gospel message withMORE
ICEJ Gala in Nashville, TN <br>75th Anniversary of Israel
I recently had the privilege of attending the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem’s gala event in Tennessee, in honor of Israel’s 75th anniversary. It was so humbling to be received as an honored guest along with so many wonderful servants of God from all over. I was so blessed to see all the wonderful leadersMORE
A Day of Celebration for Baptist Churches in Israel
We had the wonderful privilege to gather together with all of Israel's Baptist churches last week during Israel’s Independence Day, allowing everyone to take a day off from their busy schedules to enjoy each other’s company. It was a day of building relationships, worshipping Jesus together, and spending time in prayer for the body ofMORE
Nof Hagalil Praise Report: Helping Holocaust Survivors
We had the wonderful honor of receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the mayor of Nof Hagalil, Mr. Ronen Plot, for our work in blessing Ukrainian and Russian refugees, as well as Holocaust Survivors in our neighboring Jewish town. He conveyed to us how thankful the city hall of Nof Hagalil is for all ourMORE
Prayer Request: Ministry Trip to the United Kingdom
The Lord has opened a wonderful door for me to travel to the UK next week to minister at multiple meetings in Manchester. This is also an area with many Jewish communities, and as such a wonderful opportunity to share on the work of reconciliation that God is doing in Israel between Jews and Arab,MORE
Receiving Thanks from Muslims for Shining the Light of Jesus
We are so blessed and thankful to have sent 80 boxes of critical humanitarian aid to earthquake survivors on the border between Syria and Turkey. Through our collaboration with one of our church members on the ground in Turkey, a local church, and an Arab Israeli humanitarian organization we have become part of Israel’s initiativeMORE
New Doors that God is opening for HomeJTK
There is a wonderful hospital in our town that has been serving the people of Nazareth faithfully for a long time called, “The Nazareth Hospital.” We have often collaborated with our friends there, especially with the in-house chaplain and his assistant who have been doing wonderful work there among the sick. A few days agoMORE
Nisreen Update and the Upcoming Dubai Conference
I would just like to take a moment and thank everybody who has been praying for Nisreen’s health, as she has been showing signs of improvement! During our most recent visit to the doctor, he told us that she has been responding very well to treatment and the nerves in her face are starting toMORE
I just love it when the Lord does miracles! It gives us a taste of the atmosphere of Heaven, and reminds us that all things are possible with Jesus in our lives. We are to be vessels carrying the glory of God in our lives, allowing His light to shine from within us unto everybodyMORE
Warming the Hearts of Ukrainian Refugees in Israel
We’ve seen such wonderful grace from God as we've been serving Ukrainian Jewish refugees who have made our neighboring city of Nof Hagalil their home. It has been a life-changing experience to see their joy and appreciation as we, as Christian Arabs, bless them with critical humanitarian aid and showing them the love of Christ.MORE
A Warm Winter for Ukrainian Refugees

Winter has set in here in Israel with temperatures plummeting rapidly, and many of the Ukrainian refugees currently in Israel are vastly unprepared for Israel’s surprisingly cold winter. For many of these dear ones this will be their first winter in Israel, and we want to make sure they are taken care of and blessed

Movement in Middle East – First Conference in Dubai
I’m so happy to report that this upcoming March I’ll be attending my very first ministers conference in Dubai. It promises to be a powerful and anointed time together with other ministers from throughout the Middle East, to cultivate strong friendships, and to learn how we as ministers can support one another in our roles.MORE
Old-Age Home Praise Report

After our impacting project at the old-age home in Haifa in celebration of Christmas, there were so many good fruits that came out of it. So many people came forward afterward with messages of thanks for the wonderful fellowship and the gifts we gave them. The old-age home inhabitants were a mix of Jewish and