Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Turkey and Syria who have suffered so severely from the recent earthquakes there. It has left those nations devastated and the people broken. The nations of the world mobilized in an inspired way, and help soon flooded the nations of Turkey and Syria from all directions.


Someone once said that “The quickest way to stop a great work is to stop a great leader.” This is such a true statement these days, as we see satan attacking so many leaders in churches all over the world in an attempt to foil the plans of God, and to derail the callings of

Call to Action! Providing Beds for the Poor
We are launching an emergency initiative to provide beds to poor and needy families from among the Arabs and Jews living in the northern Israeli city of Haifa. We were shocked to find out how many of the people who have made contact with our church and distribution center in Haifa are sleeping on theMORE
God’s favor on Nirdeen’s studies
It is such a blessing when your children are serving God and you get to see the fruit of God’s favor in their lives. My daughter, Nirdeen, was ranked at the top of her class at school with phenomenal marks for all her subjects. She gives all the glory to God, and she testifies thatMORE
The warmth of giving
Help us warm the hearts & hands of the people of Nazareth during Winter Winter in Israel is a very difficult time for the poor and needy Arabs and Jews whom we work with through our humanitarian outreaches, and they remain in dire need of assistance during the cold winter months in Israel, whether it’sMORE
Visiting the President of Israel
This past week I had the wonderful privilege to attend a function held at the residence of Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel. President Herzog wanted to take the time to show his appreciation of Israel’s Christian population, and to wish all in attendance a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It was incrediblyMORE
Road Signs on the Path of Life
As one year ends and another begins, many of us reflect on the events that happened in our lives throughout the year. Just as there are road signs and traffic lights that serve as guides, as well as warnings, there are also road signs placed on our path by the Lord, so we can examineMORE
Don’t Miss Out on our Winter Project!
If you missed the opportunity to bless Nazareth for Christmas this time around, don’t worry! You still have time to be a blessing to the people of Nazareth and the surrounding villages this winter. When you stand with us, you see results for the Kingdom of God! Our aim over the next couple of weeksMORE
Our Nazareth Christmas Parade project was probably the most amazing project that I’ve ever been a part of in my calling as a Pastor in Nazareth. We had more than 16,000 visitors in Nazareth from all over Israel – Jews, Arabs, traditional Christians, and Druze. They had all come to experience Christmas in Nazareth andMORE
Christmas in Nazareth — Stepping out in Faith! Christmas is a wonderful time of family gatherings, celebration, and receiving wonderful gifts from our loved ones, but it is also a very difficult time for many of the poor and needy Arabs and Jews who approach us for help during this time. Many of the folksMORE
Christmas in Nazareth — Stepping out in Faith! What a wonderful week this is! Christmas is just a few days away and already Nazareth has turned into a spectacular sight full of Christmas lights and decorations. The children are overjoyed as their parents take them shopping for Christmas gifts, and families are planning their ChristmasMORE
Christmas Worship Celebration from HomeJTK This past Saturday we had a very special Shabbat church service at Home of Jesus the King Church. We lifted up Jesus as the Reason for the Season with a festive and joyful Christmas Worship Celebration! Our church members showed up in droves and the unity of the Spirit wasMORE
Sunday School Update — Many New Faces! God is raising up a new generation of young Arab and Jewish believers in Israel. We’re seeing the proof of this at our Sunday School where many new faces have joined us. This past week our children enjoyed a very special Christmas story enactment, arts and crafts, andMORE