Part of helping those in need is recognizing that the need is usually deeper than just practical of physical. 

As Christians, we have the God-given gift to see deeper and discern the things of the heart. It’s about bringing light into someone’s darkness by offering the kind of comfort that changes lives. 

Among the many Jewish immigrant families we are helping, there was a family from Ukraine that would always visit our humanitarian center with their baby. We connected and discovered a young seeking mother, Anna, with her baby girl Amelia. 

Anna shared with me that Amelia was born in Nazareth on October 7th, and it has been very hard for her, because that day is very much marked by darkness and terror for the entire nation of Israel, due to the invasion by Hamas. 

I told her that while that’s true, she needs to also remember and focus on the fact that October 7th was also the day of the biblical festival Sim’chat Torah (The joy of Torah — celebrating the day God gave people of Israel the Law).

It was so comforting for Anna to hear and realize that. It’s remarkable to see how incredibly crucial comfort is for God’s people, especially at a time like this. 

That is an inseparable part of our mission: to not only help people, but to bring them comfort and become bridge builders between Arab and Jews in Israel at such a time as this. 

There are so many Jewish families who live in Nof Hagalil, right next to Nazareth, who hear about us and come to visit our humanitarian center to receive food baskets, clothes and other humanitarian essentials. 

We are able to offer them so much more than just practical help, but also comfort, love and kindness — things that reflect our Lord more than anything else. 

Thanks to YOU we are able to do this important work of reaching so many people with God’s love and comfort through acts of kindness by providing them with the help they need. 

Your generosity is an answer to the prayers of many who receive our humanitarian aid, along with an overflowing dose of comfort. 

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of Jewish families we are helping each month by partnering with our ministry in the Land at Thanks and God bless!