Home of Jesus the King Church is a beacon of hope, shining the love of Jesus to the Arab and Jewish people living in and around the hometown of our Lord Jesus Christ–Nazareth. Our church serves our local communities through impacting and life-changing church services, evangelism, humanitarian aid projects, and bridge building between Jews and Arabs. We also receive many groups from the nations who have a heart for the nation of Israel, and who love to walk in the footsteps of Jesus here in His hometown. Our church also serves as a hub for saved and unsaved people alike, to come and enjoy fellowship, to receive counseling, and to be encouraged with the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. Home of Jesus the King Church has become a sanctuary in the truest meaning of the word. Muslims, Jews, and nominal Christians are all welcome, and our doors are always open. People are drawn to our community of believers as they sense the reality and the love of God that saturates our church environment. God has also steadily been adding to our numbers, and as such we have established a new branch in Haifa. We believe that revival is on the way, and that Israel will serve as a gateway for the Gospel into the Middle-East the best is yet to come!

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