Cultivating Hope and Mercy in Nazareth

It is such a privilege for us here at Home of Jesus the King Church to be able to reach and help the broken and poor of Nazareth with effective humanitarian aid and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, knowing that we’re doing it hand-in-hand with you. That the Lord would assign believers from all across the world to stand with us here in Nazareth, still humbles me every time I think about it. I want to tell you today that your prayers, support, and care are bearing much fruit here in the land of Israel!

The question sometimes arises: “Why exactly are we doing humanitarian work here in the land of Israel?” Well, firstly because so many people are living in poverty in Israel. Approximately 21% of the nation lives below the poverty line—that’s one out of every five people! More important than that is that our humanitarian projects serve as a very effective vehicle for bringing the love of Jesus and the Gospel message into the lives of Arab and Jewish Israelis.

Our weekly food, clothing, shoes, heaters and blanket distribution projects, and our home visits have formed our most effective points of contact with people, and have brought about an openness to the Gospel that no other method so far has delivered. They’re being touched by seeing the love of Jesus in action.

We encourage everybody whom the Lord brings us into contact with and we show them the love of God in abundant measure. People are genuinely filled with hope and joy as we bless them with provisions and extend our hands in friendship, assuring them that God and the Christians, like you, from the nations, are there to comfort and help them in any way we can. People’s hearts are touched when they hear about the love of Christians, and many are moved to tears.

I would like to thank every one of Home of Jesus the King Church’s dear friends and partners! Your prayers and financial support allow us to press on with the work of the Lord in Israel, conducting impacting humanitarian and outreach projects. Through your help, we can reach out and help the poor, needy and destitute ones, and prepare the land of Israel for revival and the great end-time harvest!

We are trusting God for the resources to appoint a full-time missionary who will oversee our humanitarian operations, and who will receive people at our humanitarian center to share the Gospel with them and to spend time with them in fellowship. This will be a key moment for us, to have someone fill that position and to also allow me to fully devote myself to minister to people at their homes, to conduct more group outreaches to the unsaved, and to teach the Word of God throughout Israel and the nations that God leads me to.

If you would like to stand with us in supporting a missionary based in Nazareth, to further the Gospel and double our impact among the people of Nazareth, would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner? Or perhaps you would prefer to support our humanitarian work directly?

You can specifically allocate in which field your seed will be sown, whether it’s in support of the appointment of a full-time missionary at Home Jesus the King Church, or for humanitarian project support, by emailing me at [email protected].

Thanks so much for who you are, and for being a part of our lives! We love and appreciate you.

Pastor Saleem Shalash