It is such a blessing when your children are serving God and you get to see the fruit of God’s favor in their lives. My daughter, Nirdeen, was ranked at the top of her class at school with phenomenal marks for all her subjects. She gives all the glory to God, and she testifies that she could do nothing without His grace and blessing. It is such a blessing for a parent to hear these words come from your child’s mouth.

For her “bagrut” exam, which is the standardized test used for university and college admissions in Israel, she was the only girl in her school to score 100%. This test is similar to the SAT exams in the United States. Next year Nirdeen will start with grade 12, after which she would like to study to become a veterinarian, as she loves working with animals. We praise God for His favor upon our children, and that we can trust Him for their success and safety. Amen! Below is Nirdeen’s “bagrut” report card from school.

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