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Every year during summer, we as a church draw together to spend four days together in prayer, worship, teaching, and fellowship. This year our conference will be held in the ancient biblical city of Bethlehem. On average we bring about 120 people together and we arrange accommodation in a hotel that is suitable for families and that is conducive to spending time in God’s presence.

The theme of our conference this year is from Deut. 32:42 which reads “REJOICE O YOU NATION WITH HIS PEOPLE.” The conference will be dedicated to building up the families that we’ve invited along, both believers and non-believers, for impacting teaching, counseling, intercession, fellowship, and winning the lost and sharing the truth about the plan of God for his nation

Every day of the conference starts with a prayer meeting at 07:00 which lasts 60 minutes, followed by a devotional session and testimonies. Thereafter we break for breakfast and some time for relaxation. The next session of the conference then begins at 10:00 and ends at 12:30 when I minister the Word of God. At 12:30 we break for lunch and a time of fellowship until 17:00 when dinner commences. The evening meeting starts at 19:00 and ends at 23:00 is a time of worship, prayer, teaching, the laying on of hands, anointing, and an altar call.

During some of the daily breaks, we take the youth and families to visit some of the local Biblical sites in and around Israel and teach them what Jesus did at these places and other significant events that happened there. The people always find these outings very exciting, and I found that it’s a great way to visually present the Bible to them.

All participants at the conference have to be committed to their attendance, as we subsidize them for 50% of the costs of the conference, on the condition that they attend all meetings and actively participate. Those who do not wish to be full participants need to cover the full fee by themselves.

During the teaching aspects of each session, we would break into groups to discuss and pray over the subject of the teaching they just heard from me. It’s important for the attendees to hear each other’s thoughts and to encourage one another in their walk with Christ.

Those in attendance are always very keen on asking questions during teachings and so we open up the floor for questions. Afterward, they are also allowed to meet with me if they have any additional questions, and I’m always very glad to set time aside for that. This conference serves an important function in revealing the truth of Jesus Christ, winning the lost, and facilitating quality time spent together in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We want people to be touched by God during the meetings, teachings, and counseling sessions, and we desire to see new families coming to salvation in Christ. Every year we see miracles and people’s hearts being changed. We ask that you would stand with us in prayer and faith for this very strategic conference and that God will do a new work among us and anoint us for the calling He has placed upon our lives.

Our conference will be held 16-18 September and we will be staying at the hosting hotel for two nights.

The cost per person will be 900 NIS for the hotel for two nights, but we hope that we’ll be able to extend it to 3 nights

The Cost Breakdown looks as follows:

  • We will be subsidizing all participants for 50% of the costs, amounting to 450 NIS x 120 person = 54,000 NIS
  • Transportation: 2 tour buses to Bethlehem amount to 8,000 NIS
  • One day Biblical excursion in Jericho amount to 4,000 NIS for the entire group
  • Hiring of sound system and audio equipment for the conference amount to 3,000 NIS

The Total Amount for the conference comes to 69,000 NIS

If you feel led to stand with us in building up families in Christ in Israel and seeing the lost saved, then I would like to invite you to sow into this conference. Thank you and God bless you!