Our new humanitarian center has become a hub of activity as people flow in and out on a daily basis to receive aid and spiritual encouragement. Our visitors have come to relish the opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee with us, to share their hearts, and to receive encouragement and prayer from our staff. They also get to choose items of clothing, food, and toiletries to help them in their daily lives.

In the photo below you’ll see some of our visitors at the center. Nisreen Shalash is currently overseeing operations at the center, as well as praying with our guests and sharing the Word. Our two part-time staff members, Sohel and Mones, have also been doing a sterling job in overseeing the logistics and practical requirements of the center and have made a huge difference in our output.

Humanitarian Center Update

Mones is currently working full-time, while Sohel is volunteering in a full-time capacity. We would love to honor Sohel and support him with a full-time salary, but we simply do not have the budget to pay an additional full-time staff member. If you, your church, or your home group would like to support Sohel, and thus Home of Jesus the King Church’s humanitarian and spiritual work in Nazareth, would you consider becoming a monthly partner? Your support would be a powerful seed sown into the fertile soil which is the mission field of Israel!

You are also welcome to support our humanitarian center with physical donations, such as clothing, toiletries, bedding, etc. If you’re interested in partnering like that, please email Pastor Saleem at rev.saleem@homejtk.org.

Humanitarian Center Update


Thank you for your love and support!