Our focus during this month of April is to be a blessing to the Arabs, Jews, and nominal Christians of Nazareth as they celebrate some of their most important holidays. For the Jews it’s Passover, for the Arabs it’s Ramadan, and for Christians it’s Easter. We will be providing food boxes to the needy from among them, sharing the love and the light of Jesus Christ, as it is God’s desire for all of mankind to be saved.

Here below is a thank you video from a dear lady who received one of our holiday food boxes. There are many more such testimonies, and it’s all because of the amazing support and love of the partners and friends of Home of Jesus the King Church!

In addition to the food boxes, we’ll also be providing cookie mixes for children to enjoy traditional date cookies for the religious holidays. These particular cookies can be quite expensive to prepare, but we felt that the Lord wanted to show children in need how much He loves them through these sweet treats.

These cookies come with molds to bake the cookies in the shape of the crown of thorns, as well as the stone rolled away from Jesus’ grave. The sweet date filling of the cookies represent the goodness that came from the events of Jesus’ crucifiction and His resurrection, providing us with newness of life and salvation.

We have thus far prepared 80 food boxes to deliver to families, but we need to provide at least another 80 food boxes. If you, your home group, or your church would like to sponsor one or more families at $25 per food box, then you are most welcome!

To Donate towards our Holiday Food Boxes, please consider making a donation today!