Our work among the Arab and Jewish elderly in the north of Israel is an ongoing project of enormous importance, as it focusses on a population group which is often neglected and overlooked, namely our senior citizens. This particular elderly home in Haifa is the place where my son is currently doing his national service in Israel. He came up with the idea for Home of Jesus the King Church to become active participants in the comforting of these precious elderly ones through acts of kindness and by sharing the love of Jesus with them.

Our team of volunteers started putting together hampers of good-quality bath towels to distribute among the elderly, along with other treats, to put a smile on their faces. We spent time with them in conversation, we heard their stories, we prayed for them and we cried with them. It was a time of mutual benefit as we learned so much from this precious community, and they got to learn of the love of Jesus. They invited us to come back, and we are looking forward to next month’s visit. Praise the Lord!