It truly is like heaven on earth when you have Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the same place, at the same time, laughing together and forming healthy friendships, while in the presence of the Holy Spirit. This was the case at our humanitarian aid center this past week. As we’re shining the love and reality of Yeshua through our words and deeds, we see how the lines between these three different demographics blur, and how the Holy Spirit is able to draw people together, and towards Jesus.

We do believe that God is using our humanitarian aid center to reunite the Abrahamic family, by connecting Jews, Muslims, and Christians under the banner of Christ’s love. We see how they start accepting one another, and start speaking and laughing together.  It’s the joining together of peoples who would otherwise never connect on this level.

We are fulfilling God’s plan of being bridge builders and peacemakers, and we need much prayer for this humanitarian center to continue impacting lives, and to exponentially expand to touch the loves of many more Israelis for God’s Kingdom.

We believe God’s desire is to draw in the one new man, with Jew and Gentile united, and that will only happen in Christ.

In Ephesians 1:1-11 we read numerous times how the term “in Christ” is mentioned.  Through the blessings of Jesus He is gathering His family together as one, led unto salvation through His blood. As we bless and aid more families from among Jews, Christians and Muslims in Nazareth, and our neighboring cities of Haifa, and Nof HaGalil, we demonstrate and shine the love of Christ in an undeniable and deeply impacting way, to transform lives and change hearts.

Please stand with us in prayer and partnership for this humanitarian aid center to grow exponentially and to go from glory to glory. Thank you and God bless!