Marwan is the son of a lady called Miriam, who has been a member of Home of Jesus the King Church for a very long time. She had raised Marwan in a godly home, and instilled a love for God in his heart from a very young age. Unfortunately when Marwan left home after school to pursue a career, he fell away from the Lord to such an extent that he wanted nothing more to do with church or the Lord.

This was a very difficult scenario for his mother to process, and we would often pray for her and her son Marwan, that he would return to the house of the Lord. Miriam shared with us that whenever he would be home, that he would be very resistant to anything to do with the Gospel, and that he would not tolerate prayer or even worship songs playing in the house.

Just this past week Miriam came to see me and to share what had happened over the past few weeks with Marwan. She recounted how a few weeks before Marwan had been working on a specific project that involved electrical equipment that needed to be repaired. Something went wrong and he made contact with an electrical output and he was electrocuted.

He relayed to his mother how he was unable to move for nearly 10 minutes, and just felt his body tremble and shake. No-one was there with him to assist him, and so in desperation he cried out to God, to save him and to give him another chance.

Marwan explained how he then felt two hands around his waist that lifted him to his feet, away from the exposed electrical source. He was filled with strength again, and heard a voice speak into his mind: “I saved your life because I want you to believe in me and to know that I exist.”

Marwan waited for one week before he revealed this to his mother. During that time she was overwhelmed by the change that had come over him. He was asking for prayer again, and welcomed worship music in the house. She even saw him reading the bible again! She confronted him, and he confessed what had happened to him and how he had recommitted to his life to Jesus Christ.

Miriam also explained to me that Marwan wanted to meet with me, as he has many questions and was serious about walking a path with the Lord. This upcoming week I will meet with him, and in the meantime I ask that you would please pray for me as I prepare and seek the Lord’s face to go and minister to Marwan.