During my recent visit to my dear friends in Tennessee, I got to meet so many lovely people. I found the people of Tennessee to be extremely hospitable, warm, and loving and it was like a breath of fresh air to me. Even more so, I found the believers in Tennessee to be passionate worshippers of God, people of genuine faith, standing firm on the Word of God, and I was greatly encouraged to see it.

Among the amazing people whom I met in Tennessee were the mayor of Cookeville, Mrs Laurin Wheaton, as well as the county mayor, Mr Randy Porter. We had a lovely conversation talking about their responsibilities as governmental leaders, and we also got to speak in depth about Nazareth and the Word of God.  It was a genuine privilege to have met these humble and gracious leaders, who carry out their duties with diligence and responsibility, truly caring for their people.

Mayor Wheaton also presented me with the 3-star pin of Tennessee, which was a tremendous honor and privilege for me. I came to them as an Arab Israeli visitor, but I left having gained two wonderful new friends. I thank God for all the opportunities He presented me with to represent Israel in the US, and to share the truth of what is transpiring in the Land. It was clear to me that Jesus is establishing bridges of cooperation and prayer among the believers in the US and Israel, and that it all fits into His great end-time plan for revival in the US and Israel, and preparing the Land for His return.