Miriam’s Healing Testimony - Touched by Jesus

A dear lady from Nazareth, called Miriam, travelled to the West Bank a few months ago to have some dental work done. The reason she travelled to the West Bank to get it done was because it’s was so much cheaper there than here in Israel where the cost of living has become extremely high.

Unfortunately the dental surgeon she went to was negligent and used equipment that was not up to standard. As a result Miriam got a severe infection that spread throughout her body. The infection affected her nervous system and Miriam ended up using a wheelchair most of the times, as her mobility was severely limited. She was also undergoing rehabilitation to improve her bodies ability to move as it should.

Miriam got in touch with us asking for prayer and intercession. We mobilized immediately and entered a time of intercession and fasting for Miriam’s healing for a duration of one week. During one of these days on which we were fasting and praying, Miriam phoned me to share some amazing news.

A few nights before she had had a dream in which she was visited by Jesus. She saw him appear within a bright light and the entire room was illuminated. She spoke to the Lord and asked if he had come to take her home to Heaven. He replied that He had not come to take her home, but instead to heal her and for her to go and share her testimony with the people of Nazareth.

As He spoke these words to her, she felt a sensation pass through her body, like cold water being poured out over her entire body. She then woke up suddenly and felt as if her body had undergone a change. Movement seemed less painful and much easier to do. She knew that the Lord had healed her and the manifestation thereof had begun!

She called her doctor to come for a home visit and to check her condition, because she felt that her body was improving with every minute that passed. The doctor came and was very surprised by her marked improvement. 

He sent her to do a variety of tests at the hospital, and the tests that came back showed no signs of the viral infection that had attacked her body. The medical professionals at the hospital couldn’t make sense of her miraculous recovery, but Miriam knew what had happened. Jesus had healed her! 

Miriam came to Home of Jesus the King Church during the next Shabbat to testify of the mighty work that Jesus had done in her life. Her family also accompanied her to church, and they were unsaved. Our church members were so moved by here testimony, and people were weeping and praising God all over the place. Miriam’s family also decided to become members of our church as a result of her testimony!

We are so thankful and joyful to see that the Lord is still doing miracles and healing people during these days. The Lord brought Miriam back from the brink of death, and into newness of life. Praise His Holy Name!