We recently launched a brand-new prayer initiative called “Mount of Prayer.” At these special prayer meetings we break up into a number of smaller prayer groups, with every prayer group praying over specific prayer requests during which everybody in the small group gets a chance to pray.

It’s critically important that everybody gets to pray in front of their fellows, as it builds confidence and trains them to pray in front of other people, without feeling embarrassed or afraid. Many people have a gift for prayer that needs to be developed in order for them to pray for others in larger group formats.

During these meetings we see how people’s hearts open up and how they are encouraged to endure in prayer, and not to be scared to pray in front of other people. It also takes them to the next level in their own walk with Christ, and nurtures and grows their own faith. Many people testify afterwards that they are no longer afraid to pray in front of others, and that they look forward to the next opportunity to pray for others.