I’ve always had a passion to put down on paper the revelations that God has given me through the years. I believe that books and literature are a very effective tool in reaching the lost and the broken throughout the world. You might not  be able to travel to every single country to minister to people, but your teaching materials in bookform can be sent to people wherever they are.

Therefore I’m so pleased to announce that I’ve wrapped up my latest book entitled, “O Nation Rejoice with His People,” which focusses on and delves into the scripture verse found in Deuteronomy 32:43 – “Rejoice, you nations, with his people.”

The Lord had led me to this scripture, and revealed some very deep truths to me about it, for example that there are actually four different translations and interpretations of the scripture which makes this verse even more unique and impacting. As I prayed and meditated upon this verse, I also knew in my heart that the Lord wanted me to commit my thoughts to paper and make it available to people.

What is interesting, is that in the New Testament the Apostle Paul also made mention of this verse in Romans 15:10. I also share more about this in my book. And so, as the Feast of Trumpets draws near, I really wanted to have this book ready for publication as it ties in directly with the feast, and speaks about the return of the Lord. The Feast of Trumpets is a feast of celebration, especially to us who eagerly await the return of the Lord.

As you can see from the book covers below, there are Jews portrayed celebrating on the front cover, but on the back cover there are both Jews and Gentiles celebrating, which alludes to the fact that one day all nations will celebrate the salvation of the Lord together.

This week I’ll be traveling to the US for a time of ministry in Tennessee and Texas, and I’ll be taking some of these books with me. So if you see me, please come and ask me about them. You are also welcome to email me directly if you are interested in the book.

May God grant you and your loved ones a wonderfully blessed Feast of Trumpets in Jesus’ name!