There is a wonderful hospital in our town that has been serving the people of Nazareth faithfully for a long time called, “The Nazareth Hospital.” We have often collaborated with our friends there, especially with the in-house chaplain and his assistant who have been doing wonderful work there among the sick.

A few days ago we were contacted by this chaplain, and he shared about some expansions that are coming to the hospital, with the establishment of a new geriatrics department to care for the elderly. They recognized that this would be a wonderful opportunity to share the Word of God among these dear ones and to bring them hope through the Gospel message in their time of need.

New Doors that God is opening for HomeJTK

They therefore asked us if we would come and put out books, tracts, and Bibles all throughout the ward, so that the patients will have an opportunity to read the Word of God wherever they are in the Geriatrics department, and be encouraged by the Gospel message.

In addition, the chaplain also asked if Nisreen and I would be able to come once a week to pray for the sick in this new department and to spend time encouraging them. I was so happy to agree, as this is a wonderful new door that God opened for HomeJTK to be a blessing to the elderly and the sick in Nazareth.

New Doors that God is opening for HomeJTK

I would like to ask for your prayers as we take on this new opportunity, that God would lead us as to how we should minister to these people, how to help them receive the peace of God, and how to best encourage them as they face sickness and infirmity. Amen!