We have some wonderful news about the theological studies and graduation of my dear wife, Nisreen, as well as one of our worship leaders, Christine. It is so important to keep studying the Word of God and to develop the gifts that God has bestowed upon us, and these dear ladies have taken up that responsibility in full measure, and carried it through to the end!

Nisreen just received her Master’s Degree in counseling, which is a topic very dear to her heart, as she has always had a passion for God’s wisdom in helping couples and families attain healing, restoration, and foster Godly relationships. This is especially important in the church these days, to have someone with this expertise and knowledge, as the devil is making a huge effort to attack marriages and life at home.

Christine is one of our worship leaders, and has been a faithful servant of the Lord for many years. She just loves the Lord and the church, and has a passion to serve the Lord with all of her giftings, and with all of her being. She has also just graduated to earn her BA degree in Theology, and she stands ready for whatever the Lord has planned for this next phase of her life. We thank God for a young generation that’s rising up, who are founded in the Word of God, and ready to fight the good fight of faith!

Please stand with us in prayer for these dear ladies, that God will use them and their giftings mightily to advance the Kingdom of God here in Israel, and to build strong and healthy relationships between Jews and Arabs in Israel.