With Passover just around the corner, we are reminded of the miraculous way in which God saved the nation of Israel from the oppression and slavery of Egypt. Salvation came upon the house of Israel through the blood of the lamb which was painted on their doorposts, allowing the angel of death to pass over that specific household. What a powerful and prophetic shadow of the salvation that the true Lamb of God, Jesus, were to bring to all of mankind, to deliver us from spiritual slavery and to convey us into the Kingdom of God as His sons and daughters. Hallelujah!

As part of our commission to serve as bridge builders and peace makers in Israel through the love of Christ, we as Arab believers will be blessing more than 200 new Jewish immigrant families with special Passover food baskets during the upcoming holidays. We felt that this would be very appropriate and special for them as Jews celebrating their very first Passover in Israel. These food baskets will not only contain more than 20 long-lasting and nutritional food products, but also unleavened bread and grape juice that are specifically produced for the Passover meal.

We want them to experience Passover in the best possible way by allowing them to have a Passover meal with their families, having been blessed by Arab believers in the name of Jesus, and with the love of Jesus. We believe that this will be powerful act of faith in revealing to them them the reality of Jesus, who isn’t just our Messiah, but also the Messiah of Israel, as well as to demonstrate the depth of His love for them. We also believe that God will use this project to forge new bonds of friendship between Jews and Arabs, facilitating reconciliation and understanding, and ultimately sharing the message of Gospel with them.

If you would like to sponsor a single Passover food basket for $40, or multiple food baskets at $40 each, please visit us at https://www.jtk-israel.org/donate (USA) or at https://www.homejtk.org/donate (International).

Thank you and God bless!