Last week I had the privilege of being a part of a very special event organized by Tom Hess and the International House of Prayer for All Nations. Jewish and Arab pastors from all over Israel gathered at the southern steps of the site of the Second Temple, to intercede for and to bless the nations of the world as we enter the Feast of Trumpets and the Jewish New Year. As One New Man, Arab and Jew united in Jesus, we would bless the nations as our voices rose together in the very place where Jesus ministered.

Tom Hess asked me to intercede for the Muslim nations on behalf of Israel, to which I gladly agreed. As I was praying a felt a heavy burden for Lebanon and Syria, where at this moment people are suffering terribly.

I interceded fervently for these nations, as well as for the other Muslim nations in the Middle East and around the world. I felt the Lord’s anointing and glory like never before. I realized that something was being shaken in the heavenlies as the nation of Israel, whom the Muslims consider their enemies, were praying for them and blessing them from Mount Zion.

At the end of the meeting all of us, more than 100 Arab and Jewish pastors, prayed together for the nations of the world and interceded for revival all across the world. The spiritual dynamic in Israel is changing and we are seeing the glory of God saturating the land once again, as the One New Man in Christ is rising up, from among the Jews and Arabs of Israel.

It’s sometimes difficult to explain my feelings in words when we as Arabs and Jews are united in fellowship, and I realize that what is happening is all because of the grace of God, and through His love that binds us together.

I wish you could be here with us to see the reality of the work that God is doing in the body of Christ in Israel, to see the true Israel, and not what the secular media is saying. We look forward to having you visit Israel and spending time with us here in Nazareth!

Praying for the nations as one new man