Preaching the Gospel in the UK!

I was invited by my dear friends at the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem to participate as a key-note speaker at their strategic and timely end-times conference in the United Kingdom in June, which will focus on current events shaking the world, with a special focus on the nation of Israel. The conference is prophetically and aptly titled “The Clock is Ticking.”

It will be a wonderful opportunity to share the current move of God in Israel, and the prophetic positioning of the nation of Israel in God’s end-time plans of harvest and revival for the entire world. Please stand with me in prayer for this conference, that it will be a blessed and strategic time that will cause a shift in the heavenlies and that will prepare the hearts of people for God’s plans for the nation of Israel, and how the church fits into this prophetic picture.

It will also be an important opportunity for me to share my testimony of how God changed my heart from an Arab that hated and despised Israel, to a Christian Arab Pastor that loves and advocates for the nation of Israel. I believe that this is a message that many people need to hear, as there’s a lot of confusion and disinformation being spread by mainstream media on the topic of Israel.