Unity among Arab and Jew has always been at the core of the vision God gave us for Home of Jesus the King Church. It was a calling that we always were driven by, and we have witnessed firsthand the amazing impact that reconciliation and unity can have on our community. Despite what many think, coexistence between Jews and Arabs is real in Israel. HOJTK Church is a perfect example of that.

Ministering and serving the Arab and Jewish community together, both in humanitarian efforts, as well as spiritual guidance as followers of Jesus, has proven to be incredibly enriching and fruitful. People are naturally drawn to unity. Seeking justice and peace isn’t just a biblical concept we aim toward, it is our daily reality through the work we do among both Jewish and Arab communities, bringing them together in worship, as well as reaching them with our crucial humanitarian efforts.

Unity isn’t an unattainable goal, it is the reality of those who choose to be the Salt of the Earth (Matthew 5:13). Through Jesus and His calling for us to be peacemakers who shall be called “children of God” (Matthew 5:9), we seek to bind what is divided, to bring justice and peace to both Jewish and Arab communities by bringing them together, while serving as God’s bridge in uniting what is divided.

That vague concept of “peace in the Middle East” that the world envisions is an unattainable political idea based on things that have little to do with true peace and justice. This can only be attained through Jesus, and the reconciliation we have through Him. That vague and unattainable concept is actually a reality for us; we live it, we minister and serve based on that very idea, that peace and justice start with us as we reach out to both Jews and Arabs and unite them, binding them through the love of Jesus Christ as the peacemakers we are all called to be.

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