Ragi’s Testimony

Recently a young man from Nazareth, called Ragi, got in touch with me. He asked if he could have a few minutes of my time, and I told him that I would love to take some time to talk with him. I could hear in his voice that he was not in a good place, and I sensed much fear and trepidation in Him.

He started by telling me that he had heard about Home of Jesus the King Church from many people in Nazareth, who said that we never turned anyone away, and that we have proven to be a church of love and action. Ragi said that this was enough for him to conclude that we must be a church where the Holy Spirit dwelt and where he would find help.

Ragi told me that he was suffering from severe mental anguish and anxiety, so much so that he lived under a constant feeling of fear and dread. I asked Ragi if he would be willing to come and visit me at my office, for us to speak face to face, and for me to counsel him. He was very thankful to hear my invitation, and he said he would come the next day.

When Ragi arrived, we sat down and spoke for more than an hour. From what Ragi was telling me, it was clear that he was under the attack of the spirit of fear. I ministered unto him and prayed for him, specifically speaking about the salvation and freedom that we find in Jesus Christ. Ragi said that he deeply needed Christ in his life, and that he was ready to surrender his life to the Lord. I prayed the prayer of salvation with Ragi, and he was born again right there in my office. Hallelujah!
When our Saturday service started, I noticed that Ragi had indeed shown up. I was so pleasantly surprised to see him! He had a wonderful time during the praise and worship, and listened very carefully during the sermon. I was preaching about Achan who stole money in Jericho and hid the money under his tent, which ended up being the reason why Israel lost that particular battle at Jericho. Ragi told me that in the same way he had been hiding many things from God and that’s why he was so under attack.

He said that he understood now how important it was to surrender your life to Christ, to come to church, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to be an active member of the body of Christ. Ragi also told me that during the worship, he felt the last remnants of fear leaving his life, and that he was finally free from the spirit of fear. Praise the Lord!

Next week we’ll share a video interview with Ragi, in which he shares his testimony and his story. See you then!