I believe that the Lord is taking Home of Jesus the King Church to the next level in our ministry, not just in the scope and reach of our humanitarian and evangelism efforts, but also in terms of our facilities and the way we represent the Kingdom of God.

As such, we began work on building a new stage at our church to elevate the area from which sermons and worship reach our church audience. It’s especially important to allow for good-quality filming of our sermons and for the camera to have a good line of sight of the speaker on the platform.

Every Wednesday our church service gets broadcast all across the Middle East in Arabic on the Cross TV Network. The new stage will allow us to put together better visuals and audio for the broadcast, which is crucial when you’re preaching God’s word through digital media and television.

Please pray that our sermons will touch countless lives in the Middle East through the Cross TV Network, and that revival will not only happen in Israel but also throughout the Arab countries of the Middle East. Amen!