A few months ago we shared about how we were stepping out in faith to replace our complement of chairs at Home of Jesus the King Church. After 15 years of being well used, they needed to be replaced urgently, as they had become worn, unsafe and very uncomfortable. This was not a decision we made easily, since new chairs cost a lot of money, but we understood that this wasn’t to be a purchase of convenience, but rather of necessity!

In response to our prayers, God intervened as He always does when His children call out in faith. He brought us partners who generously contributed to Home of Jesus the King Church, and He led us to the right manufacturers, allowing us to order a complete set of new, comfortable, and high-quality chairs, at a very good price.

While providing something as practical as chairs might not seem very spiritual, we are reminded that Jesus always addressed practical needs. After a day of teaching the masses, He didn’t send them away hungry. He performed a miracle and fed thousands with the little food the disciples had. He sees our spiritual and practical needs, and He always stands ready to respond with kindness and mercy.

And so, we praise God for His faithfulness, and we thank each and every person that donated towards our new church chairs, because next week our new chairs will be arriving. Hallelujah! We stand amazed when these type of things happen, and we marvel at the goodness of God. Sometimes the challenges we face cast a big shadow and intimidate us, but God casts a bigger shadow, and nothing is too hard for Him. He truly is the God of the impossible. Hallelujah!