We’re so thrilled to announce that we’ve now delivered 60 Rosh Hashana food boxes to Ukrainian refugee families in Nof Hagalil, as well as 50 Rosh Hashana food boxes to the organization “Yad Ezer le Chaver” for distribution to orphan soldiers.

The dear refugees were so blessed and happy to receive these food boxes, as it will enable them to properly celebrate their very first Rosh Hashana in Israel. What was even more exciting for them, was that Arab Christians were blessing the Jewish people, and building bridges of friendship with them. What a testimony!

We still have another 100 Rosh Hashana food boxes and electric kettles to deliver to additional Ukrainian Jewish Refugees next week, as they prepare to celebrate their very first Rosh Hashana in Israel!

You can provide a family of Ukrainian Jewish Refugees with a special Rosh Hashana food box containing more than 20 different food products, as well as special Rosh Hashana products, as well as an electric kettle at just $70 per family. Perhaps your home group or church would even like to bless multiple families.

Your help will go a long way and produce fruits of thanksgiving to God. Thank you and God bless!