I recently had the privilege to be interviewed by the Dallas Theological Seminary as part of their ongoing podcast series called  “The Table.” I was also joined by my good friend Golan Drosh, who is a Jewish believer in Israel, serving in the ministry of “One for Israel.” The Dallas Theological Seminary is a respected and powerful voice for the church across the world, and it was a wonderful opportunity to share more on the situation in Israel.

During these days of war and attacks against Israel, especially from Iran, it’s more important than ever for Israeli Jews and Arabs to stand together in unity for the good of the nation. One of Home of Jesus the King’s main commissions is to serve as bridge builders and peace makers in Israel, bridging the divide between these two peoples, and so I got to share more about the way we go about doing that through our outreaches and humanitarian work in Israel.

I also got to share my personal testimony, of once being someone who hated Israel, but then being transformed by Jesus into someone who loves Israel, and whose heart burns for the salvation of both Israeli Arabs and Jews. The attack of October 7th was a pivotal point in the modern history of Israel, and I also got to share on the proper Bible-believing stance that Arab believers should be taking during these days in Israel, and how important reconciliation and selfless love is for the healing of the nation. 

Another topic that is close to my heart and that I was asked to expand upon was the issue of replacement theology – the belief that the church has replaced the nation of Israel, both in regards to calling and standing. I was blessed to explain why God has not forgotten about Israel, and how His covenants and callings of Israel still stand, remaining valid to this day. I also emphasized how critically important it is during these last days, to be steadfast witnesses as Christians, to share the Gospel at every opportunity, and to work towards reconciliation as bridge builders and peace makers. Amen!