Here at Home of Jesus the King Church we are continuously looking for ways to have a greater impact on the lives of the poor and needy, and to bring the light and love of Jesus into people’s lives. Shemima is one of those who was in desperate need of a helping hand, and whom the Lord had connected us with.

We went to visit Shemima at her apartment in the northern city of Haifa, to spend time in fellowship with her, and to find out how we could be of help to her. As we entered her apartment, I immediately understood that this was the home of a woman in dire need. Her home was dilapidated and in desperate need of repair, and her belongings were few. Shemima welcomed us warmly and offered us tea and refreshments.

We spent some wonderful time in fellowship and we got to know Shemima better, and we got a clearer understanding of how we could help her on a continuous basis. We encouraged Shemima with the news that we would be assisting her on a regular basis with food boxes, clothing, and furniture. She wept with joy at the news and was truly overcome with thankfulness.

Shemima’s situation is not unique among the poor and needy in Israel. There are hundreds of families living in poverty like Shemima, who are simply waiting for a knock at the door from someone who is willing to help. We here at Home of Jesus the King Church want to be that person knocking at the door.

These are the people we’re trying to help. We have the passion, the love, and the structures in place, but we need your help to expand our reach. When you stand with us in prayer and financial support, you enable us to go further and to do more than before. To partner with us, and thus with the poor of Nazareth and Haifa, please prayerfully consider partnering with Home of Jesus the King Church!