Nativity star’s journey began looming on the horizon. A star from the East that guided the bewildered magi clinging to logic. Being researchers and explorers, they decided to follow the trail of the star in search of peace, just as they thought before that they would find it using their knowledge.

All their best efforts in research and astronomy, yet they could not find peace, when suddenly a guiding star reassured them that there was still hope to find true peace. So they decided to follow it and their determination to find peace substituted any thought or care about the challenges ahead; distances and difficulties.

Many people think their knowledge will bring them peace, but knowledge will not lead your heart to rest and peace unless it is coupled with knowing the Prince of Peace personally

The nativity’s guiding star brought the Magi Jerusalem, and they thought that proximity to Herod’s palace surely means they were close to finding peace.  However true peace cannot be found in palaces and riches, instead they found deception, hatred and greed.

Nativity’s guiding star was determined to bring the Magi to true peace, and they continued their journey until the star brought them to Bethlehem, and settled over a newborn infant in a simple house of a simple man, Joseph and Miriam, the child’s devoted mother.

Finally, the magi reached the author and finisher of their faith.

If you are looking for true peace, then this time of year, during Christmas season, is the perfect opportunity, to make sure the Lord will send you a guiding star to start His journey with you to the right place where true peace is a reality.

Don’t allow mere knowledge, money and status take you away from true peace. Use your knowledge and position as the Magi did to reach the Savior and lay your heart before His feet as a the ultimate love offering.

But if you have found peace already, become that guiding star to others, to show them how to start their own journey with God, to guide others to true peace and eternal salvation that the Lord has prepared for everyone who accepts Him.

Be assured that the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!