Last week we had the privilege of hosting a number of guests from different nations and backgrounds at HomeJTK. There was a group from the Sami people in the northern regions of Norway, as well as visitors from other parts of Europe. We also had both Jewish and Arab believers from Israel in attendance, sharing in the unity of Christ!

At one point during our time of worship, the Lord moved mightily upon our hearts. We started blowing shofars declaring the acceptable year of the Lord, where after the Sami people started singing the Lord’s Prayer in their native tongue. It felt like Heaven was touching earth!

The video below shows what it looked like as the different cultures were assembled and worshipping God together at HomeJTK. One of the Sami group’s musicians took up a traditional Sami instrument, called a “york” and began playing unto the Lord, while Arabic praise and worship rang out in the background. It was such an anointed and beautiful moment!

Our guest speaker, Nils, delivered a powerful message on the importance of worship in the body of Christ. The message resonated powerfully with everybody in attendance, and many people’s eyes were opened to the importance of worshipping the Lord.

To me this was a great example of how God is building bridges between His people, whether they’re of European, Arab, or Jewish descent. We are all united in Christ as the One New Man. Amen!