The warmth of giving

Help us warm the hearts & hands of the people of Nazareth during Winter

Winter in Israel is a very difficult time for the poor and needy Arabs and Jews whom we work with through our humanitarian outreaches, and they remain in dire need of assistance during the cold winter months in Israel, whether it’s warm clothes, wool blankets, or electric heaters.

A warm country like Israel isn’t well equipped to handle severe winter weather and the poor struggle during these times. The majority of apartments and homes do not have central heating systems, and therefore people rely on warm bedding and electric heaters to keep warm. In addition, many of the poor families we help can’t afford to run up high electric bills and thus rely on warm blankets to stay comfortable in winter. Those who live in cold countries know how difficult the winter season can be, especially for the more vulnerable population.

Our aim over the next couple of weeks is to distribute 400 wool blankets and 100 electric heaters to the poor of Nazareth and the surrounding villages.

Would you consider blessing one or more needy families with warm wool blankets at $10 each, or an electric heater at $40 each?

Your generous gift will enable us to bring relief to many families during the winter cold, and present us with a platform to share the love and message of Jesus Christ. What a beautiful way to give these precious families a warm hug from you, by blessing them with actual warmth during these harsh winter months!