If there’s anything this war taught us is, it is that you can’t rely on the media to tell you the whole story. If you want to know the truth, you have to go to the source. 

Jewish and Arab coexistence in Israel isn’t a myth, it is a reality. We live it every day. It’s as common as a Jew being treated by an Arab Israeli doctor, or an Arab couple served coffee by a Jewish Israeli waiter.  This coexistence is so tightly knit into the fabric of our society that it’s impossible to separate the two when speaking about Israel as a whole. 

Something many in the world ignore (or prefer not to see) is the remarkable partnership we share between Jewish and Arab Israelis, which is the very core of true Israeli coexistence.

Being invited to speak and share as an Arab pastor at a Jewish-Arab conference with other nations in attendance this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to not only see our dear Jewish brothers with whom we pray and worship together but also to be able to share about calling to build bridges between Jews and Arabs, as well as to speak about the lie which is the replacement theology. 

Jews and Arabs, along with other nations standing together in the Land of Israel, worshipping Jesus alongside each other — that is truly heaven on earth. 

That kind of unity is what God’s Kingdom is all about. 

Being an Arab pastor allowed me to be the bridge that connects Jewish and Arab believers in the Land, and give Christians from the nations a glimpse into that deep connection we share between Jews and Arabs in Christ.