There are no coincidences with God. There are divine encounters that He leads you to. 

Sometimes He will steer you off your course, because He needs you to be at a certain place and bring His blessing with you to someone. 

Yesterday we headed to a small kibbutz around the Lake of Galilee where a Shavuot Worship Gathering between Jews and Arabs was taking place. 

Our navigation took us on a different route, which made us end up at a different kibbutz without us noticing. 

Arriving, I saw a lot of people gathered, which I assumed was our gathering, yet I don’t see any familiar faces of any believers of pastors. 

As we start mingling with people, greeting them, wishing them a wonderful Shavuot, introducing ourselves, saying we are Arab Christians are we are blessing and praying for them, it finally occurs to us that the reason we don’t recognize anyone there is because there are no believer there, they were regular Jews celebrating Shavuot — we ended up in the wrong kibbutz. 

However, there is nothing coincidental with God. I’m certain there were people there that Jesus wanted to touch, and they needed to see and speak to an Arab believer in Jesus who loves Israel and is standing with them. 

 A seed was planted, and a seed is all God needs to turn it into a great harvest. 

Eventually we did arrive at the right kibbutz for an amazing Shavuot gathering, where Jews and Arabs are worshiping together. 

It has always been His plan and His will, Jews and Arabs side by side, worshiping the Lord together. 

God reunited Abraham’s family once again and brought them together in Jesus. Even if we stand alone, as the odd ones, the black sheep, the misunderstood, this calling to be witnesses cannot be taken away from us, even if everything else is. 

Jesus gave us the Great Commission in the book of Matthew 28:19 — “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” 

Jews and Arabs are both considered nations, and the call to bring the Gospel to them has to be prioritized, especially in light of what we see in the world. 

Standing here, by the shore of Lake Galilee, watching the beautiful unity in worship of Jews and Arabs, it is clear that this is what the Lord desires most — this reconciliation and unity that can only come from Jesus. 

We extend our prayers from here and proclaim God’s protection over the Land of Israel, from the north to the south. 

May He cover this Land with His angels, and protect both Arab and Jews in Israel, because when rockets are raining down on us, they don’t discriminate, both Jews and Arabs are targets, because living side by side in this Land we share the same fate. 

We pray for peace and the safety of our nation in its entirety, both Jews and Arabs, as we stand for the truth and will of God in the Land of Israel. 

Thank YOU, for your unwavering support, for standing with us in these difficult times and ensuring we have the strength and resources to continue witnessing in our nation, until Jesus’ return!