It’s such a privilege to witness how God is reconciling Jews and Arabs to each other in the land of Israel, and how He’s restoring bridges between our communities, which were once strong but that have fallen into disrepair through circumstances and challenges in Israel over the years. What’s even more astounding is that the Lord is using His church to accomplish this. The body of Messiah in Israel has received the revelation that the sons and daughters of Abraham, Arabs and Jews, are both part of God’s plan of revival and restoration in Israel, and believers are working hard to foster loving and healthy relationships in the name of Jesus between them.

A big part of our role in God’s plan has unfolded as a wonderful collaborative relationship with the city hall and municipality of our neighboring Jewish town of Nof HaGalil. I have personally come to know Mayor Ronen Plot of Nof HaGalil as a dear and close friend, and me and my team are often working alongside Mayor Ronan’s team to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian and Russian refugees, New Jewish immigrants, and service personnel on the frontlines in Israel.

They have come to see the love of Jesus demonstrated through our words, deeds, and actions as Arab believers blessing the Jewish people. Our work in building bridges with Jewish Israelis has served as a profound testimony to them that Jesus is real, that He is working in our lives, and that He is able to transform people’s hearts in Israel. We as Arab believers working to reconcile Israeli Jews and Arabs are living proof of that!

As such, we recently launched a brand-new project aimed at preparing and distributing 500 monthly hygiene and toiletry kits for distribution to the less privileged, from among Ukrainian and Russian refugees, as well as new Jewish immigrants and Israeli service personnel on the frontlines. Me and my team do the initial groundwork of purchasing the products (each kit contains 18 high quality items), compiling the kits, and preparing them for weekly pickup and distribution by the team from Nof HaGalil municipality.

In the video you can see the impact and reality of this project. We are actively building bridges and demonstrating the reality of Jesus to Israelis, and we would love for you to be a part of this work that God is doing here in the north of Israel. Each toiletries and hygiene kit costs us $25 to compile. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner with us, or giving a one-time gift to sponsor one or many kits? Together we can do much to prepare Israel for revival!

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