We’re so grateful to Home of Jesus the King Church, as well as pastor Saleem and the wonderful donors. This is the thirds year in a row you’ve been helping us. We’re especially thankful for the much needed equipment and clothing that goes to our soldiers in the northern border, as well as our troops in Gaza. From the bottom of our hearts — Thank you!” — Baruch, Yad Ezer le Chaver Organization 

The aid that you’ve generously helped provide for by supporting our humanitarian efforts has been invaluable. It has made a greater impact than you know in a time when the people of Israel need it most. 

It has also been an amazing testimony to the partnership of Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel. 

While our relationship with the Jewish charity Yad Ezer le-Chaver has been growing and developing over the years, what you have helped us do for them through your support has been a true testament to the bond of brotherhood that exists between Jews and Arabs in Israel, so we are able to cooperate and together bless the people of Israel. 

YOU are an essential part of that partnership between Jew and Arab in Israel through your invaluable and ongoing support of our ministry. 

These are things you will not see in any media or news outlet, the kind of unity and standing for one another that takes place today in Israel between us. 

While the world is busy dividing us, they are not interested in showing the reality of this partnership between Arabs and Jews in Israel, especially in these difficult times when we need each other most. 

We are YOUR hands in the Land of Israel, the hands that go out and bless the people of Israel through your generous support of this crucial work. 

It is YOUR support that helps us do more, reach more and share more than ever the love of God for this nation that needs us now more than ever.

You have the privilege to now only get front row seat to witness the partnership of Jews and Arabs in Israel, side by side, hand in hand, but you also get to be part of that relationship, and being a witness of the deep work Jesus is doing in the hearts of the people in Israel today. 

We couldn’t overemphasize the impact of your support and how far it has reached and lives it has touched. 

We pray for you, as you stand steadfast for our nation in this great time of need. We pray  the Lord strengthens you and blesses you beyond measure, just as you are blessing the Lord’s work in the Land of Israel by supporting our ministry. 

Help us today to do more, reach more, impact more, witness more and bless the people of Israel in this decisive moment in history.