It’s such a blessing to see how God has been using our humanitarian distribution center powerfully to build bridges between Israeli communities that wouldn’t normally cross paths. Of late we have been seeing Jewish immigrants, Arab Christians, and Muslims frequenting our distribution center, having the opportunity to greet one another, to have conversations, and to get to know one another. It’s an eye opening situation for many, and a pleasant surprise as people get to see that they are not that different, and that everybody has to faces life’s challenges together here in Israel.

For us as the staff at Home of Jesus the kinging Church it’s also a golden opportunity, in addition to aiding these families practically, we get to share the Gospel message, to show the love of Jesus, and to pray for these dear people. When they visit our center it’s an opportunity for them to come into the presence of the Holy Spirit and to receive a touch from God. So many of the people whom we aid have wonderful testimonies to share after they’ve been to our center, about the precious aid they received, and about the loving and compassionate atmosphere. Almost every one of our guests comments that it feels like visiting family at Home of Jesus the King Church!

Every time that we host these dear people, wether they’re Jewish, traditional Christian, or Muslim, we see God birthing moments of reconciliation, allowing them to intermingle and spend time together, and seeing common ground that they never have before. This is proof to us that God has called us to serve as bridge makers and peace makers in Israeli society. We are excited about the future and to see where God will take us, because we know that it’s His desire for our work to expand and to touch many more lives and communities in Israel. Praise the Lord!