Praise and worship is an integral part of our church services, prayer meetings, and conferences at Home of Jesus the King Church. In the same way that the Levites used to march before the army of Israel, praising and worshiping God to claim the land for the Lord, here at HomeJTK we believe that passionate worship carries us into the presence of God and creates an atmosphere of intimacy and adoration before the throne of God.

During last week’s church service at HomeJTK, our set of electronic drums blew out irreparably, with the repair cost nearly equalling the cost of a new drum set. Our Middle-Eastern style of praise and worship is very energetic and relies heavily on the beat set by a fully-functioning and quality set of drums. The price quote we received for a brand new set of electronic drums will cost us 9000 Israeli Shekels, which amounts to around $2500.

We would like to ask you if you would be willing to stand with us in raising the funds for this new drum set? At the moment our outreach and humanitarian initiatives take priority over our other expenses, and as such, we simply don’t have the budget for a new set of drums at this time.

If the Lord lays it on your heart to assist us in purchasing this new set of drums, then we would be eternally grateful! Any amount will make a difference, and will help us get our praise and worship back on track. Please follow the link below to give. Thank you and God bless!