Capernaum (in heb. Village of Mercy) — a place where Jesus spent so much of His time performing miracles and teaching the multitudes. 

The remarkable thing about this place is that no matter no many amazing miracles and healings Jesus performed, its inhabitants still didn’t believe in Him. 

There are three type of people: 

  1. Those who listen and understand, but do not want to be changed by the knowledge they receive. 
  2. Those who don’t listen and don’t want to understand or be changed by that knowledge. 
  3. Those who want to listen, to understand and to be changed. 

The third type of people are the ones we are seeking. And it is precisely from this very place that was known for its unbelief, we want to pray for the people of Israel and for their salvation.

In Paul’s message to the Roman believers he spoke about the important role gentile believers play in Israel’s salvation, because they carry God’s light. However, how can a lamp shine if it isn’t filled with oil, or how can we shine that light to the people of Israel if we don’t have your support and prayers that fuel the work that we do in the Land. 

We need your prayers! We need you to stand with us, so we can be your hands and feet in this Land, sharing the gospel with the people of Israel. 

Help us to reach more people and more families, to be witnesses for Christ. 

Partner with us in carrying out the Great Comission in a town that Jesus held so dear, and did so miracles in to stir up their faith. 

We are praying for the Jewish and Arab people in Israel as we are living in these historical times. This is the time to share the good news and be a light in the darkness!