In just a few short weeks the nation of Israel will be celebrating the high holy holidays of Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). Rosh Hashana signifies the beginning of the Jewish new year and is announced with the sound of the blowing of shofars. For us as believers in Yeshua the trumpets serve as a reminder that the Lord is coming back soon! Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) serves as a reminder to the Jewish people of God’s faithfulness in providing for their needs as their sojourned in the desert. For us as believers it serves a powerful reminder that Yeshua will one day dwell among us, or “tabernacle” among us, once He has returned to this world.

In honor of these important Biblical holidays In Israel, we here at HomeJTK would like to be a blessing to the Jewish people of Nof HaGalil—our neighboring Jewish city—to show them the love of Jesus and to build bridges of peace and reconciliation between Jewish and Arab Israelis. Acts of benevolence is a powerful way to demonstrate the reality and compassion of Yeshua to the people of Israel.

In collaboration with the mayor of Nof Hagalil, Mr. Ronen Plot, and his city hall, we will be supplying hundreds of special holiday food boxes to Holocaust Survivors, as well as Ukrainian and Russian Refugees to celebrate the Jewish holidays. Our goal is to distribute nearly 450 food boxes in total! These food boxes contain 22 items of non-perishable and nutritious food products, as well as additional holiday items such as apples, honey, and grape juice to allow Jewish people to celebrate according to tradition.

To have the Arab community bless the Jewish community in Israel is an incredibly powerful testimony of the love of Jesus, as His spirit that dwells within us shines brightly when we do good deeds in His name, and when someone gets touched by His presence, they are changed. We have already seen how our relationship with the Jewish city hall of Nof HaGalil has flourished over the years, and the fruit that have come from it.

In the video and photos you can also see our team of Arab Christians working alongside staff from Nof Hagalil to prepare the special holiday food boxes for distribution, a testament to the friendship and peace that is possible between these two communities in Israel.

We would love for you to partner with us in this project by sponsoring a family of Holocaust Survivors, or Ukrainian and Russian refugees with a special $40 Rosh Hashana food box by visiting or Donate page. We believe that God will produce a blessed harvest in the lives of those whom you bless, as well as in your own life. Thank you and God bless!