The Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Ha-Shana, is a very special Biblical festival that has deep significance to the Jewish people, but also to us as believers in Jesus. During the time of Rosh Ha-Shana, all over Israel Jews blow shofars at their synagogues as a call to repentance and a return to God. For the people of Israel, it also serves as a powerful reminder of the covenants of Israel with God.

And so as the whole nation of Israel is preparing to celebrate the Jewish New Year by blowing the shofars (trumpets), we as believers keep our eyes and faith fixed on the Lord, as we eagerly await the blowing of the last trumpet that will proclaim the return of our Lord Jesus.

In honor of this special time in Israel, we wanted to bless the Jewish people of our neighboring town of Nof HaGalil with special holiday food boxes, including specific ingredients, to celebrate the feast according to Jewish tradition.

This past week we gathered more than 100 families of new Jewish immigrants and refugees to join us for this special project. It was a joy to see the smiles on the faces of the people, and to understand the miracle that had happened for these dear ones to be back in the land of their forefathers. Not only was this to be a time of blessing, but also a time of building bridges between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and to promote the peace that comes through Jesus.

The people were so grateful for their holiday food boxes, but more than that, they experienced and enjoyed the love of Jesus and the presence of His spirit. We received hugs and handshakes, kind words of thanks, and appreciative smiles. It was a shock to these dear ones to see the Christian Arab community reach out to them with such kindness, and we were able to establish friendships with many of them, promising to keep in touch.

My dear friend, you have been a true blessing to the people of Israel, whether through your support, prayers, love, or sharing about HomeJTK’s work in the Land. You have been making a real difference in this nation, enabling more and more people to be reached with Jesus’ love and compassion.  We’re truly grateful for you! May Jesus abundantly multiply in your life the blessing you have been to so many people in Israel. Amen!

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