Magdala is a truly special place for many reasons. We know about it from the story of the woman that was suffering from heavy bleeding, and Jesus healed her. 

However, her bleeding wasn’t just physical, she was also bleeding financially. The Bible says she lost all her money on doctors who couldn’t do anything for her condition. 

She was disappointed, frustrated and in despair. When she heard about Jesus, she just knew He would heal her. 

This woman risked everything to make her way to Jesus from the very back of the crowd, because she wasn’t allowed near Jesus due to her condition making her “unclean”. 

Her faith emboldened her and she said: “if I only touch the hem of His garment…” and we need that kind of faith in our lives in order to see miracles. 

There’s a difference between Moses’ faith and Joshua’s. 

Moses stood before the Red Sea and asked God for a miracle, which He gave him when He parted the sea. 

When Joshua stood before the Jordan River and asked God for a miracle to pass it, God instructed him to take the Arc of the Covenant and start going into the water. The miracle will happen when you start walking. 

There’s the type of faith when God makes a way for you where there is no way, and then there’s the kind of faith He needs to see when you take action, and God honors that by helping you through. 

The woman with the heavy bleeding took a step of faith, her very action was a reflection of her bold faith. 

She knew it wouldn’t take much to get her miracle, it would be enough to just touch the very hem of Jesus’ garment. 

It wasn’t the hem of Jesus’ garment that healed her, it was her own faith. 

The interesting part of this story was when Jesus told his disciples: “somebody touched me” while He was surrounded by a pushing crowd with everyone around touching Him. 

Jesus didn’t mean a normal physical touch. He referred to the kind of touch that took healing power from Him. 

That is the kind of touch the Lord wants you to come to Him to receive. 

This woman got her healing, financially, physically and mentally. That’s the amazing thing about God; we come to Him for one healing, and He will give us healing in its fullness in every area. 

When we look at that amazing story, we have to ask ourselves: are we truly witnesses for Jesus? Are we really using all the tools that we have to reflect Jesus in our lives? 

One woman faced unimaginable challenges, breaking cultural barriers and religious laws, just for the chance to come close to Jesus. 

We need to become true witnesses and share the truth, using all the tools at our disposal, and God will bless us when we actively seek to bless others. 

Jesus is on the way. He is coming back soon. Are we truly ready for His return? If He were to return today, what would you say to Him? 

I feel like I wouldn’t be able to say that I worked hard enough to reach people. I feel like there’s so much more to do. 

That is what I’m trying to do here in Israel; be a witness for Jesus. 

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